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Basic functions

SOS button

The Funker C50 features an SOS back button that activates a user-configurable call and message sequence.

Big screen

The C50 Easy features a bright 1.8" TFT screen so you can see everything with impressive quality.

Greater autonomy

Thanks to the incorporation of a powerful lithium ions battery of 700 mAH , your Funker C50 resists several days of use.

Dock station

We incorporate as standard equipment a desktop charging dock by means of which you can load the C50 Easy in a comfortable and simple way.


You can consult below the specifications of our new EASY C50. If you have any questions please write to us at


- Inch: 1.8"


- Networks: 2G / Quad band
- Dual Sim: No
- Bluetooth: Yes


- Capacity: 700 mAH


- Camera: No
- SD Card: Yes
- FM Radio: Yes
- Lantern: Yes


- Dimensions: 107x50x11 mm
- Weight: 75 gr.

Colors and Content

- Colors:

  •   Black:  EAN   8437007923810
  •   White:  EAN   8437007423230
- Content:Mobile phone, charger base, charger and USB cable.